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Three African-American men building a wooden fence

Jimmy and his sons worked on a new fence for me. We are very happy with his work. Him and his son worked very long hours and did a good job. They got the job done in a timely manner and the cost was reasonable. I would hire them again without thinking twice.

Cord S.

I checked with several fence installers before I choose "Tha Master Lawncare Service". I was not only impressed with the affordability, but also the quality of workmanship. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing fencing, or lawn care.

Helaine R.

Jimmy built about a 50ft fence for me. He did a great job communicating with me while he was on the project. He sent me pics and videos updating me of the progress. I have a busy schedule and he was flexible with me while we were arranging things. Jimmy and the two guys that were working with him were very polite and professional. He made sure I was satisfied with the job before he left and he had very good rates. I would hire him again.

Stephanie T.

I can't begin to say how impressed I am with Jimmy's work! He's the only thumbtack pro who actually stayed in contact with me. He even humored me by texting back and forth since I'm unable to take personal calls at work. The street facing section of my fence was in desperate need of replacing and Jimmy took on the job with great enthusiasm. He even negotiated on the price. The final product is EXACTLY what I needed. Nothing fancy, just simple and sturdy. I even got my sense of security back since the old gate had actually rotted off the hinges. Thank you so much, Jimmy! The fence is beautiful, and I couldn't be happier! Hire this guy y'all! He's definitely touched by tha Master!

Amanda T.

After a wind storm came through and blew down our fence I contacted Mr. Jimmy Sherman for a quote to get it repaired and not only was he the only one to respond out of three, he responded within minutes to set up a time and date to come out and give me a quote. After his arrival I voiced my concern about the brick wall failing again and he reassured me that he could fix it with quality and expertise. This man of God and his sons showed up and replaced our gate in a day and came back a few days later only because of inclement weather to finish my fence within hours. They also were done ahead of schedule. For great quality and professionalism, I recommend Mr. Jimmy Sherman and Touched by Tha Master Lawncare Service.

Felix J.

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